How to unlock iOS 6 with SAM Unlock Tickets and Preserved Baseband

iOS 6 20.09.2012
Factory AT&T iPhone Unlock

Great news for all iPhone users who updated their devices to iOS 6 and lost SAM unlock. After long trying I finally unlocked my iPhone 4 using famous SAM tool. So here I want to describe the whole process to help you quickly complete the few actions. This iOS 6 unlock is only compatible for those iDevices who has activated the SAM before the activation exploit was closed by Apple.

Latest version of Apple iOS 6 brought us more than 200 new features and it was very sad when there were many people who afraid to update its devices to the newer firmware because they didn’t want to lose unlocking status.

I will show you how to perform SAM unlock on iOS 6 in for Actions.

  • Jailbreak
  • SAM Installation
  • Restoring Activation tickets
  • Completing Unlocking Process

So let’s do its in the fastest way. Just attentively follow my step-by-step guide below and you will get your iPhone unlock with SAM back.

Supported Basebands for SAM Unlock on iOS 6

  • iPhone 4s bb version [3.0.04] (no iOS 6 jailbreak available for now to install SAM from Cydia)
  • iPhone 4 bb version [04.12.02]
  • iPhone 3gs bb version [05.16.07]

SAM iOS 6 unlock

How To Unlock iPhone Using SAM on iOS 6

Jailbreak iOS 6

You need to upgrade iPhone to iOS 6 preserving baseband to jailbreak it using latest Redsn0w tool which was developed for iOS Golden Master version but it is also good for official Apple’s firmware. However you need to know that your jailbreak will be tethered which means that you need to boot your iPhone using Redsn0w every time after jailbreak.

Step 1. Open Redsn0w, go to Extras => Select IPSW and choose your saved iOS 6 ipsw file on the computer.

Step 2. After detecting your device and firmware click Jailbreak button and follow further instructions.

If you need help in completing this action you can use this more detailed guide on how to jailbreak iOS 6 tethered and install Cydia using SSH. And only after you install Cydia we can go on our process.

SAM Installation

There is nothing more easier then installing SAM tool on your iPhone. Now when you have Cydia you can just add repo and enjoy unlocking tool on your iPhone.

Note: Insert Sim card you want to unlock in iPhone.

Step 1. Go To Cydia => Manage => Sources => Edit => Add this repo:

Step 2. After adding repo you go to Sources and find SAM package in the list. Tap it and click Install then Confirm.

Step 3. Wait till Cydia completes the process.

unlock ios 6 sam

After successful installation you don’t do anything only make sure your iPhone is connected to the computer and follow next action to complete unlocking process using saved Activation tickets before Apple closed SAM.

Restoring Activation Ticket on iOS 6

This process is most important and possible only if you have your Activation tickets saved on your computer before Apple closed SAM exploit. Well there are three methods to restore iPhone Activation ticket and you can choose any of them:

You can restore Activation ticket using:

  • Coockies
  • Redsn0w (You will see here the old version of Redsn0w, but you can follow that guide using the latest version of Redsn0w.)
  • iFile and Dropbox ( SSH method)

So you can use any of these methods but my advice is to try to restore unlocking tickets using SSH (iFile and Dropbox) because it is more reliable, but it is all on your choice.

Completing Unlocking Process

When you replaced your Activation ticket in iPhone file system you simply need to reboot your device using Just Boot Tethered option in Redsn0w. Don’t forget about it.

Step 1. After you restart your device disable SAM using Enabled button in SAMPrefs app which you can find on your Home Screen.

ios 6 unlock

Step 2. Now just re-connect to iTunes not paying attention on any kind of errors, just try to reboot iTunes several times and wait couple of minutes till you see the your network signal.

Note: In case your Push Notification app doesn’t function then go to SAMPrefs and use Clear Push. Then re-connect iPhone to iTunes.

That’s it. Only now we completed the iOS 6 unlock process but you must remember that you can use SAM unlock only on that Sim card which was in iPhone all the time. If you have a desire to use other carrier you need to repeat the process again from the beginning. Also I must admit that your Activation ticket is valid only 3 years so take in the consideration.

Also if you failed and couldn’t unlock your device with SAM you could try paid but legit method using permanent iOS 6 carrier unlock and officially unbreak your iPhone from locked chains.

Some of them:

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      The best way it to restore iPhone in iTunes, set up iPhone as a new in iTunes and activate with original Sim card of the carrier to which iPhone is locked