How to Perform Permanent iOS 6 Carrier Unlock using IMEI Unlock Code Service

iOS 6 19.09.2012
Factory AT&T iPhone Unlock

The Apple company has just released the brand new and improved iPhone 5 which will be hitting the shelves soon. They have also released the iOS 6 with many useful improvements and upgraded features.

I’m sure that there are many of those who are looking to update iPhone to the latest iOS 6 firmware but how about unlocked status? If you don’t use official carrier unlock you better stay away from update or find the best method to free your iPhone.

Many unlock solutions exist for iPhone. But this time, upgrading to the final version of the newest iOS 6 would also update your baseband, so many of these solutions automatically are not possible to be considered. As for now, unlock development teams are still looking for the alternative ways to bypass Apple restrictions. But, there is only one working carrier unlocking method so far- IMEI unlock.

unlock iPhone 4 baseband 04.12.02 iOS 6

Carrier iOS 6 Unlock supported Devices and Basebands:

  • iPhone 5 4G LTE MDM9615 Chip – not confirmed yet
  • iPhone 4s bb version [3.0.04]
  • iPhone 4 bb versioon [04.12.02]
  • iPhone 3gs bb version [05.16.07]
  • iPad 2 bb version [04.12.02]

As you may know, IMEI unlock method is all about your unique IMEI number. Apple enters it to its database and lucky you get congratulation message in iTunes about your iPhone being factory unlocked. In this case you don’t have to be worry about any baseband update. It doesn’t matter. Whatever matters is your IMEI number. So, this unlock method is actually the easiest one. You just need to find a trusted source like International Factory Unlock service or AT&T iPhone Unlock service that will help you with permanent carrier unlock.

Believe me, I saw many sites that offer cheap carrier unlock but there are only few that are legit and this service is one of them. Even more, this unlocking service is much cheaper and makes discounts every month. So stay tuned with us for more updates and any network unlocking solutions.

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  1. Papichou says:

    I try the OFFICIAL IPHONE UNLOCK they charge my card about 5 times then no feed back since… I write but still with out respons…

  2. Bandera says:

    Just got mine iPhone 4 unlocked, thanks a lot

  3. Unlocker says:

    After almost 1 year of being the owner of a expensive iPod touch, got my new iPhone 5 unlocked… FACTORY unlocked. I also it is jailbroken so I had to restore it, after that, disconnect and reconnect to my iTunes, my iPhone is FACTORY UNLOCKED now. This IMEI unlock method really worked well for me. Took just 2 hours and trhet is f… fantastic, thanks

  4. Latina Trevizo says:

    Yes they Absolutely 100% fully unlocked my locked AT&T iPhone 4 on firmware 04.12.02 and almost in the time they posted, with the utmost ease. I have now used my iPhone New Zealand on different SIM’s without a single hassle , and without hesitation. cool, thanks

  5. Felix Massey says:

    Excellent IMEI Unlock Service. It works I have iPhone 4 running iOS 6. Then I used IMEI Code to unlock my device and the unlock guide is quit simple. Basically, you just need to plug your iphone to iTunes. Computer must be connected to internet. And push the restore button in itunes to restore your iPhone to the latest iOS 6.

  6. Curtis Lainhart says:

    I came to Taiwan only to find out my phone wouldn’t work here, thanks to this I now have an iPhone 4S on iOS 6.0 this is awesome thank you

  7. Stephen says:

    I learnt that your phone should be a minimum of 2 years old for it to be unlocked. Is that true. Because mine is 1 and half years , so I am wondering if I can unlock it

  8. Mako says:

    Is this really true? I just have my iphone 4s for less than 6 months.