Installous Not Working Because Hackulous Repo Closed

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It is sorry to say but famous Hackulous repo is not working because it is closed. There is no information about the reason of this decision but the fact is that Hackulous is shutting down.

Hackulous community which carried out hacked apps for the iOS using Installous, officially announced the completion of its work. Along with this development such apps as AppSync and Installous not working anymore. Hackers also left a message on his website.

Installous is a store of jailbroken applications that owners of jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch and iPad used to install apps for free from Apptrackr and other resources on the Internet. The program is distributed through Cydia in a special repo But as Hackulous not working this repo is not active.

hackulous not working

However hackers have not told about the reason of closing Hackulous source, apparently the number of users of hacked applications was significantly decreased due to the prolonged absence of iOS 6 jailbreak. Many of those who moved to the new firmware does not currently have the ability to hack their devices and, accordingly, to use pirated applications.

Hackers from the iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team has not yet released the exploit to jailbreak new devices, like the iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

Anyway, from now Hackulous repo is not working. This means that in the future users will not be able to download Installous and AppSync and use of unlicensed software.

This is great news for iOS developers and bad for those who did jailbreak for installing cracked apps from the App Store. However, hackers are hoping that in the future there will be developers who will continue their work.

Well, I hope so too. Leave your comments about this decision of hackers behind Hackulous repo. Do you agree that the reason was in iOS 6 jailbreak delay or Apple made an effort to close Hackulous repo that caused not working Installous and AppSync. Tags:

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  1. Adib says:

    Apple win, hackers lose.. The true

  2. Abc says:

    Any other alternative to download cracked apps?

  3. Pavlovsky says:

    AppCake+ remains :(

    • Ted4Bz says:

      Install "vShare" from Cydia it is better. If the App Store would give a credit for the app you pay for and delete the same day if you dont like it, then vShare, installous, Appcake, iTools, etc would be less attractive. For now it still is very attractive. Regardless most $.99 apps don't wort it.

  4. Bmwfan1 says:


  5. Derrick says:


  6. Andy says:

    Very upset with this as I use installous all the time :( is there anything else I can use to download cracked apps?

  7. JoBS1 says:

    i just tried appcake…it's more like appcRAP…it keeps closing and nothing in the search function seems to work :(

  8. HackerX says:

    Lol doesn’t matter We still can use our computer to crack apps and syinc them with iTunes

  9. siby says:

    New year gift…

  10. Grindahz says:

    Man, that sucks. Installous was the only reason I jail broke my iPad and iPhone…

  11. Khalid Muhaisen says:

    get vShare its free and better than installous
    first of all
    there is no security code to enter
    there is no server to choose from
    u can start stop paus and resume a download
    games has its own categories as well as apps
    i tried it and i can careless about hackulo and its installous
    try it, u will never go back to installous

    • Rabih says:

      How to get vshare?

    • Dissapointed guy says:

      I did, and it was downloading at 10kb/s.
      Slowest download I have experienced in years!
      Installous was able to download at 250kb/s + if it had good source.
      This app i crap, unless your chinese

  12. delimesutpasa says:


  13. Yash dharia says:

    Go this wap and download

  14. JHT says:

    vShare is good, but connection is so slow!!! Hope what get;s better. Also a lot of outs are a few revision behind the current. Hope this improves as vShare should be getting a whole lotta new users that can no longer use installous!

  15. Hammoudi says:

    Installus and jailbreak do not work? Or only installus??

  16. Mookie says:

    How you get the vshare…???

    • 66Ebullient.Prism66 says:

      Just download it straight off cydia. It's free. And I'm hoping you know what I'm talking about…

  17. Hammoudi says:

    so i should use a credit card to get these awesome games? :(

  18. Mike says:

    Its a very sad news, that would surely effect Apple's business as most people would not be able to download softwares for free as not everyone can afford to purchase softwares so there may be a lot of people switching their phones. That's what I think…

    • Liberal Capitalist says:

      i want to support GOOD developers so there are more GOOD apps.
      a lot of apps are crap,even some expensive ones (cost over $0.99). too many times i have bought apps that sounded good,but they just dont do what i need.also,many are full of bugs. Office2 is a supreme example of an overrated,low performance,bug filled,overpriced app that i wish i had never bought.i could have supported several GOOD apps with the same money that was wasted on a piece of crap.

      i think 1-day trial/return policy (suggested above) is a great idea.

  19. Hassan says:

    Thanks for the info about Vshare folks……….. its just rocking. Speed is really good. And no more timer and security words. Its good.

  20. internethero says:

    !!!NEW SOURCE!!!

    this source works for me, search installous and let it install and boom laucnh cracked ipa's in itunes

  21. Valiant says:

    How can i get Vshare guys plzzz help

  22. Me3211 says:

    Vshare is mostly Chinese

  23. vshare says:

    vshare is found on

  24. B-man says: add it in cydia and the search install outs should work

  25. mojo says:

    cannot install vshare as it say http/1.1 404 not found… please help!!!

    • Bob says:

      Cydia is just over loaded right now with all of the people on there trying to download stuff because of the new jailbreak just coming out. once it dies down Cydia will work properly again, but some sorces like hackyouriphone are working for me right now. i guess it depends on which sorce your trying to use. my advice just try later.

    • Ebu says:

      Try some basic iPad troubleshooting, like resetting the network settings, rebooting, etc.

  26. hintzsche says: does not exist

  27. Martin says:

    yes it does

  28. Karan says:

    Install vshare from cydia

  29. KALPESH says:


  30. sachin says:

    any salutation for or any replacement sources

  31. GrandeStoll says:

    good news the appcake is fixed and vshare ( the appcake now is faster loading in some locations And working more for other reforms will be repaired when the show upgrade in your cydia.

  32. TEaM WiZZaRD says:

    It really sucks when the world is lazy and depends only of your work and doesn't want to pay or atleast support with some change!!