How to Setup Windows 8 Theme on iPhone and Other iOS Devices [DreamBoard]

Cydia 17.07.2012
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Let’s install Windows 8 theme on iPhone here. This article is good for those who used to Windows OS but now are using iOS device but can’t forget OS from Microsoft.

The beauty of jailbreaking is that cracked device reveals all its capabilities to the user. One of them – the ability to completely change the look of the operating system iOS. Today we talk about the Windows 8 and how to setup it on iPhone 4 and other iOS devices using DreamBoard jailbreak tweak from ModMyi repo.

install Windows 8 theme on iPhone

So, you can setup the theme of Windows 8 on the iPhone / iPad / iPod touch using Cydia app DreamBoard. This tweak is not as demanding on the device’s resources as Winterboard does, and lesser opportunities it has.

When you install Windows 8 theme on iPhone you will notice that the elements of the menu are alive. If Apple’s and Android’s elements are static, in Windows it is different because the information is received in real time and you can see it displayed on the screen. The developer EndFinity has created utility Metroon, which can be used to move Metro interface from Windows 8 on the iOS.

install Windows 8 theme on iPhone 4

Despite the fact that the appearance will be different, all elements are functioning, and can easily run any existing app. After installing Windows 8 on iPhone 4 there were no issues with this Cydia app on iOS. It works quickly and without brakes. This topic will be especially interested for those who does not want to wait for the release of “eight” and look at it now.

By the way, if the user wants to find himself in a familiar iOS-interface, it can be done quickly and easily, simply by switching to the standard iOS theme which you can do every time you want.

setup Windows 8 theme on iPhone

To install Windows 8 theme on iPhone you need to open Cydia go to Search, type DreamBoard and then buy it for $1.5 to enjoy Windows 8 theme on your iOS gadget. Tags: , , , , ,

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