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Factory AT&T iPhone Unlock

I remember that the mid of summer was the time when we had a chance to use free network checker for the last time. In August we lost the possibility to find iPhone IMEI checker for free, only unlocking status. if you don’t believe me then just try to find it on the web and message me if you find it.

Update: Now you can also get factory IMEI iPhone unlock for free or for a great discount. Check it out!

It is great that there are people who care about users and provide different iPhone hacks for free. There is great chance to every one to use it. There are many services that offer paid network check for very different prices from 1$ to 10$ but you don’t need this if there is free offer.

iphone imei check free

If you are looking to unlock your iPhone using cheap IMEI unlock service but you don’t know the carrier you can try it. It just takes few minutes to detect network and other crucial information for any iOS device. All you need to know is your IMEI number. But I’m going to help you to locate it on your iPhone before you check network lock:

  • Go to Settings < General < About
  • Type *#06# and write down 15 digits

After you have iPhone IMEI number – don’t waste your time because I have already find the place where you can check carrier lock status by iPhone IMEI for free on forum. Only there you don’t have to pay a dime. Or do it only for $0.99 here.

However there are few additional action you have to do if you want free IMEI check and find out to which network your iPhone is locked. All you need to do is to register in their forum and generate “more then 10 messages“. Then just leave your IMEI number and wait for respond. You have nothing to lose.

I hope you will use your chance to get iPhone IMEI check free and find out to which carrier your device is locked.

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  1. ASAF says:

    IMEI 01 265400 5288378

  2. Dimitris says:

    IMEI 01 303800 589188 7 thankss

  3. sunny says:

    hi i have one iphone 4 32gb locked with japan softbank….is it possible to unlock it …n for use it here in india network…if it is …then plz do let me know..

  4. chirag says:


    • reza says:

      Your iPhone 4S (16GB) with IMEI 990001917934473 is locked to US Verizon Multi-Mode commercial, UMTS VF NL locked.

  5. daniel says:

    013068007778568,and 013037000417185,

  6. daniel says:

    imei 013068007778568, 013037000417185

  7. Younus says:

    012537007020107 please check

  8. Catalin says:

    IMEI: 012962002227061

  9. nonfake says:


  10. lasse says:


  11. Hash says:

    my imei num : 013029009161054

  12. deep says:

    please help me bro.. my imei num

  13. alex says:

    012841002014226 please

  14. Majic says:

    Dear, is that iphone on at&t

  15. laurence says:

    my imei 011365006462448

  16. shafeq says:

    kindly check my carier im lock to..

  17. Hussam says:

    Please help me. my IPhone IMEI is

  18. Junaid Amir says:


  19. Matarino says:

    Need your help here please .
    my locked iphone 4 IMEI is : 012540002187285.
    appreciate your help please

  20. Sachin says:

    Please tell me to which network my phone is locked
    IMEI : 012422007047683

  21. Khan says:

    Need your help to check the carrier here please .
    my locked iphone 4 IMEI is : 012851008856959
    appreciate your help please

  22. ema says:

    Please can you tell me to which network my phone is locked
    IMEI :012746008398020

  23. Fred says:

    Hi my is:
    can you check?

  24. uddinr219 says:

    Please check carrier 4S imei : 013052008078186. Thanks

  25. rowell says:

    hi im rowell 012545009893355

  26. Bogdanut says:

    please check iphone 4 which carrier is locked
    Thank you

  27. KING2119 says:

    PLS CHECK THIS IMEI 013268001300878 IPHONE 4

  28. Sagar says:

    Pls check 013007009840380 iphone 4s thank you

  29. sergio says:

    012850005457928 check it plss

  30. harry says:

    iphone4 IMEI 012546003117957

  31. jayz says:

    im jayz,my IMEI 012753006252654

  32. jayz says:

    iphone4 IMEI:012753006252654

  33. Ak47 says:

    Please I wanna know in which carrier thi iphone 4 is locked ?

    IMEI : 012849007650308

  34. kezdoufi says:


  35. Will says:

    please check 012027009505776

  36. tayyab says:

    012418008271447 kindly chk it

  37. Marcio says:

    iphone 4S Imei 013182006188164


  38. Tudor says:


  39. azim says:

    IMEI 012572007063273

  40. Jazz says:

    Could you confirm me my carrier network 013181002257924

  41. alex says:

    imei : 012844004032196
    network lock pls

  42. Jerry says:

    Can you please let me know my Carrier,
    IMEI No: 012538003108870

    Thanks in advance.

  43. ramneek says:

    iphone 4S Imei 013041003489647

  44. Phil says:

    Can you please check my IMEI of my Iphone 4 (16GB black)?
    0124 1700 0895 419

  45. bhzaid says:

    please check iphone 4 which carrier is locked

    Thank you

  46. 013187002410538 this imei iphone lock or unlock how to check

  47. ayomikun says:

    help me check my iphone 4 network carrier imei:

  48. ayomikun says:

    help me check my iphone 4 network carrier. imei: 01 327100 816151 7

  49. tedi says:

    please check iphone 4 to which carrier is locked

  50. ololoo says:

    01 202700 168113 8…pls check

  51. ajaz says:


  52. Dayan Gonzalez says:

    Please, vefify IMEI: 012656007413532

  53. DR.RANJITH says:


  54. florentina says:

    012653000895476 imei iphone 4 thnx

  55. Jaime says:

    990001884464991 please help!!

  56. asdadasda says:

    pls check if this iphone 5 imei can be unlocked:((((


  57. MrK says:

    IPhone 4s

    Imei: 990001077653285

    Please let me know my, thx

  58. bagesh says:

    012647000868343 thx

  59. Vincent Co says:

    Good Day! Please check IPHONE 3g 8gb Phone carrier – IMEI 011713000856208. I have already unlocked this before but after I restored it, it locked again. Hoping for your kindness. Thank you in advance! Have a great day!

  60. Hamza bin ijaz says:

    pls can you chk 013406005472711. I would be thankfull to you if u tell me.

  61. dumy_carnal says:

    IMEI IPHONE 5 : 013408009544453

    Thank you

  62. Haseeb says:

    Kindly Please can you tell me to which network my Iphone 4 is locked
    IMEI : 012427009578189

  63. guest says:

    012541003412698 thank you

  64. Mac says:

    Please anyone. 012645007195421

  65. Andrea says:

    Need carrier check please,
    My IMEI is: 012421007066511
    it is an iPhone 4 32 Gb


  66. Ruhlan says:


  67. Liam says:

    Imei: 013005008238119
    Thanks in advance:)

  68. samuel agetorp says:

    Could You Check this one too? Greatly Appreciated!

    iPhone 4s

  69. oduolojiextra says:

    013412004315265 pls check carrier for me…. Thanks

  70. oduolojiextra says:

    013412004315265 iphone 5

  71. bassem says:

    jais un iphone 4s 013043000588074 merci

  72. Mario Sniper says:

    checkmy imei plz 012423002111219 in carrier it says carrier lab 9.0

  73. Sardor says:

    iphone 4g 32gb
    imei 012658004769460 check carrier for me…. Thanks

  74. shqipra says:


  75. Viper601 says:

    Dear, please check mine if u never mind
    IMEI : 012427009775397

  76. Wallace says:

    IMEI 013189001536495

  77. Onin says:

    Pls Check my Imei this is Iphone 4 australia i need activated sim

  78. aymen says:

    012645002912291 pleeeeeez

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  80. Surendra says:

    Please Check IMEI number : 012534003155961

  81. Hasnain says:

    kindly check that iphone 4s is locked by which carrier 990001003771201

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    Please check this IMEI 990001829474691 iPhone 4S. Thank you

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  87. Alex says:

    012533004698540 what carrier is this

  88. leee says:

    Please tell me to which network my phone is locked
    IMEI : 013271009477938

  89. ado says:

    012962008039189 thanks a million

  90. ado says:

    Hi please check this imei no. 012962008039189, its a black iPhone 4 8gb i think it is locked to orange UK. Also I want to know how much to unlock, cheers thanks a million.

  91. heru Mosal says:

    please help me to find my iphone 4 carrier locked
    thank you

  92. treil2212 says:

    plz help 012746002203127

  93. nabeel says:

    Please check carrier 4 imei : 012963009057865 Thanks

  94. Gary W says:


    Can you check this IMEI Thanks

  95. Ashers says:

    my ime is 012431003900944 pliz check for me

  96. LEGIONAIRE says:

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  97. rudysafey says:

    PLS CHECK THIS IMEI : 004999010640000
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  98. rudysafey says:

    ImeI : 004999010640000
    Plx Help Me Thank You In Advance :D