MuscleNerd Confirmed: Changing iPhone IMEI Work in Europe

Cydia 9.07.2012
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There is news that MuscleNerd is preparing to launch Cydia tweak that can change iPhone IMEI to perform iPad baseband downgrade successfully. But today we can say that this Cydia app is worked on iPhohe 3G/3GS/4 in Europe and good to be released after AT&T block blacklisted devices.

MuscleNerd announced on Twitter that he spent a whole day trying to discover the source of the problem that affected some iPhone 3G after 06.15.00 downgrade. While not being able to find the cause of the problem, rather MuslceNerd has managed to find a way to change iPhone IMEI by creating Cydia tweak. This is a great discovery for iPhone users.

change iPhone imeimusclenerd cydia imei tweak

We already wrote about possibility to use this code changing to downgrade baseband in our earlier post where you can also download Redsn0w 0.9.14b2 but from now there have been no news about new tweak from Musclenerd.

This solution to change iPhone IMEI is not a feature of Redsn0w 0.9.14B2. But this news confirms that another version of redsn0w will have this option. Also we can have Cydia tweak for that as well.

But I can tell you that there is no time for many to wait what Musclenerd does or not. In my case I would rather use some really legit IMEI iPhone unlock service and sleep well.

MuscleNerd has recently tweeted that his tweak are working on iPhone 3G/3GS/4 in Europe. He announced that the tests were done successfully and that his tweak worked perfectly. This announcement of major advances and great progress made on this solution to change IMEI on iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G, and also iPhone4.

musclenerd IMEI tweak

Meanwhile he also announced that AT&T will launch tomorrow a policy to block stolen iPhones which means that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will be the best time to release IMEI tweak from Muscclenerd.

Cydia app which can change iPhone IMEI is almost up and running at 100%, but the hacker didn’t announce the date of release of this Cydia tweak. So stay tuned with us and will be the first who find out about latest updates from the famous hacker.

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  1. sl4sh says:

    Change IMEI for iphone 4G 04.11.08 Baseband will be work for unlock ? :$

  2. psy says:

    any1 got it yet ?

  3. anonamous says:

    i ahve a good idea if imei change is possible ???……………………………

  4. Alex says:

    Any news on this?

  5. Ndrey says:

    Andy any update?

  6. Mohamed says:

    No update?

  7. Antony says:

    Really? no one has an update? I have been looking for ages because one of my iphones (my old iphone 4) has a "broken" baseband or nand.. basically it all works but has nothing listed for any wifi mac Bluetooth mac.. but that doesn't bother me its the IMEI number -.- its missing stopping me from being able to make and receive calls/texts.

    no updates in 23-24 weeks?

  8. JIN says:

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    • nick says:

      yes,, huch much for the black 64gb version?

      • PAK says:

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        • Marco says:

          D you Wanna change an italian iPhone 5,?

          • Jase says:

            Yes yes yes… I have a blocked Aus phone

          • Marco says:

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    • Jose Luis says:

      Hola JIN, tengo un Iphone 4S 32Gb bloqueado es de Orange España, tienes uno igual para hacer cambio?? Un saludo.

  9. harry potter says:

    can a imei blocked android phone.s2.blocked in australia work overseas?or can i change the imei?

  10. cgg says:

    Any update ?

  11. Kamil says:

    any news?